Printed sculptures using the latest 3D printing technology

Custom portrait
and full figure works


Learn to create relief sculptures using epoxy clay





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Portraiture is a wonderfully unique representation of a person, and a compelling way to depict the beauty of the human spirit. I am available to create low relief portraits, as well as sculptures in the round of you or a loved one.

Architectural Projects

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I have worked for many years in ornamentation and architecture. Sculpture in architecture has a way of changing the experience of a place, particularly in the incorporation of relief sculpture to create unique interiors and exteriors.

Past collaborators:
Kent Bloomer Studio LLC

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I am hosting workshops where you can learn how to make your own relief sculpture in epoxy clay. Please contact me for more info, or to be put on a waitlist. Currently, workshops are only available in New Haven, CT.

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3D Prints

New sculptural technologies utilize innovative materials, offer a lower price point, and allow for interesting iterations of different artwork. Originally hand sculpted and later digitally scanned and manipulated, these prints open the imagination and a new way to engage with sculpture in the round.